Comprehensive Air-conditioning & Refrigeration Expertise

GT-Care, a division of GreenTree Global, offers the solution basket for HVAC&R applications and Cold storage. It is supported by our 11+ years of organizational experience across a vast array of expertise, facilitating the reliable, affordable, quality and timely delivery of the solutions.

Retrofitting Solutions for HVAC&R systems

The various components of HVAC systems have different functional service life, depending on the brand and style of equipment. Retrofit projects are designed to integrate new components and latest technologies into existing HVAC configuration. When practical, retrofitting provides a more cost-effective way to improve performance without having to replace the entire system along with enhanced performance and quick return on investment.

GT-Care Cold Storage Solutions

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In order to furnish our clients with a range of troubleshooting solutions regarding their cooling needs, GT-care is dedicated to delivering a cost-effective, tailored and energy-efficient model in a ‘one-stop-shop approach’.

When is comes to building a green and sustainable infrastructure for cold storages, we have introduced GREEN solutions to our solution basket:

  • Energy Audit for identifying retrofit opportunities
  • Energy Modelling and Solar Simulation
  • Indoor Environment Quality Optimisation
  • Implementation of Green Cold Storage and Warehouse Rating Systems