Integrated Green Building Design Services

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“GreenTree Global’s philosophy is centered around innovative solutions that are sustainable in terms of both environment and economy.”

Integrated Green Building Design –

With a dedicated team of 50 Architects, Engineers, and Environmentalists working on projects located all around the world, GreenTree Global has completed several domestic and international repute projects under its Design Vertical.

Green Building Design Services –

Towards achieving the Green Building, GreenTree Global provides customized services with an integrated approach. Projects obtain green building certification under various rating systems. Our Green Building Services include IGBC, GRIHA, LEED, EDGE, WELL, TRUE, etc.

The deliverables include NET Zero Design, Feasibility Study, Daylighting and Energy Simulation, System Commissioning Services etc.

Customized Services- GreenTree also offers customized service required by public or private clients, such as:

  • State Energy Action Plan Development
  • ECBC (Energy Conservation Building Code) Compliances
  • Architecture & Engineering Services for Power, Pharmaceutical, large scale Residential Sector
  • Solar DBR Preparation & Tendering
  • Performance Contract Preparation under ESCO & Energy Audit

GT Care –

GT-Care, a niche division of GreenTree Global, offers solutions for HVAC&R systems and cold storage. We facilitate reliable, affordable, quality and timely delivery of solutions across a wide range of expertise.

Retrofitting Solutions for HVAC&R systems

Each HVAC component has a different functional service life, depending on its brand and style. New components and latest technologies are incorporated into existing HVAC configurations in retrofit projects. The retrofitting method provides a cost-effective way to improve performance without replacing the entire system, along with enhanced performance and rapid return on investment.

Cold Storage Solutions

We have introduced green solutions to our solution basket for building a green and sustainable cold storage infrastructure:

  • Auditing energy use for retrofits
  • Energy Modelling and Solar Simulation
  • Optimal Indoor Environment
  • Evaluation of Cold Storage Facilities

GT Ambient Air Quality Management –

It is imperative that the authorities propose heavy penalties on construction-related activities to improve air quality in metro cities. Also, without continuous air quality monitoring and assessment, occupational safety and health protocols can't be followed diligently in all built spaces. As a result of construction activities (excavation, raw material extraction, preparation, loading/unloading, demolition, transportation, painting, covering, and concrete work), particulate matter, dust, and other fugitive emissions can spread throughout the neighbourhood.

Endangering both the health of workers on the site as well as those living and working outside the site boundary.

Capacity Building on Environment Health and Safety (EHS) Compliances at Construction Site

Workers and engineers on construction sites are unaware of the health hazards of poor air quality. The same applies to sustainable protocols/practices to curb air pollution. Despite knowing that construction is the top source of air pollution in countries like India, event management ignores the effects of construction work on ambient air.

Our custom-designed toolkit approved by EHS compliances includes information about main air pollutants and their sources, the scientific evidence that air pollutants can negatively impact site engineers and workers, as well as the importance of the role of management, engineers and workers.