Energy Efficiency & Climate Change Advisory Services

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“GreenTree Global believes that when sustainability is viewed as being a matter of survival for our business, we can create massive change.”

In order to help improve the energy consumption landscape in our Nation, we provide a variety of consulting services to international agencies as well as the private & public sectors.

Net Zero Energy Services:

GreenTree Global is empanelled with BEE as Net Zero Design consultant and provides integrated design and assessment focused solutions on the following -

  • Policy development and Advisory solutions for widespread adoption of measures and technologies for Net Zero Cooling, Energy Efficiency, and Air Quality
  • Energy Efficiency Codes and Standards for Net Zero Energy Buildings (NZEB)
  • Grid responsive buildings
  • Facilitating pilot projects for public and private sector buildings
  • Deployment of Community - Scale Renewable and Storage Systems.
  • Training Programs on NZEB- Skill development programs for building designers, installers, students, government professionals, and other stakeholders.

ESG Services:

GreenTree understands the challenges organizations are facing worldwide while implementing ESG related changes. We can help them through,

  • ESG Reporting and Transparency - Development of consultative feedback and metrics to build the responsibility quotient in the businesses.
  • Sustainability Strategies, implementation and monitoring - Driving the ESG ambitions for the organizations and help them in reporting on international and domestic platforms.

REV Charging Infrastructure

GreenTree Global is working to encourage the faster adoption of electric vehicles in India. The initiatives involve collaborating with international agencies to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles. The initiatives are:

  • State level EV policy development
  • Capacity Building Programs on EV Charging Station Design and Deployment
  • Facilitating EV procurement policy for government departments
  • Market research and Database Analytics
  • Development of tools like EVahanam App

Energy Storage:

GreenTree Global provides specialized service for integration of Energy Storage (or replacement of Diesel Generator) and Renewable Energy Integration. The study involves

  • Monitoring and Implementation Plan for integrated Renewable Technologies
  • Development of usage based preferential orders for integrated renewable energy systems (PV) and energy storage systems
  • Development of upscaled or modular systems and financing options for large scale deployment.
  • Analytics for Market issues, regional policy incentives and resources for Energy Storage or Renewable Integration.

Energy Access:

  • Roadmap and market development methodologies for Energy Access
  • Working with State Designated Authorities (SDA’s) to expand electricity grid in rural areas
  • Planning and design of integrated off-grid and on-grid systems
  • Provide technical assistance and advisory for rural livelihood application of renewable energy
  • Capacity Building programs through State and District - level workshops.